Pool Renovations

Aloha Pool & Spa offers a wide range of services such as new construction, repairs, remodeling, and renovation. We offer our customers a pool designs customized for every backyard. By using options as Beadcrete and Pebble finishes, custom tile and stone coping, outdoor lighting, fountains, falls, decks and patio covers. Best of all, we are specialists in alternate sanitizers like Salt Systems, Ozone and Mineral purification, as well as the very latest in energy efficient pool and spa pumps,heaters and electronic control systems. We can design, build and remodel any pool, spa or water feature that your imagination can create.

More than 20 years in the business gives us the confidence to face any challenge from commercial to residential pool construction and renovations.

  • Design and Engineering
  • New Pool Construction- Residential and Commercial
  • Renovations- Residential and Commercial
  • Fountain Construction
  • Spa Construction

Our team provides specialized swimming pool remodeling and renovation services to beautify the look of your swimming pool. Our pool remodeling services will help you remodel all outdoor and indoor pools to create beautiful scenery for each of our valued customer. We have the skills and experience required to handle all kinds of pool remodeling and renovation assignments We assist both commercial and residential customer in complete pool interior finishes cleaning while resolving minor to major pool repair works at ease.

Commercial Pool Renovations


It’s time to replaster your pool when you notice the surface becoming rough to the touch. It’s dangerous to swim in the pool if the plaster is old and flaking off as when this plaster dust is circulating when you swim or often creates a “false bottom” making it seems as though you can see down to the bottom but it is actually cloud.

A typical plaster finish can last 15 to 29 years depending on how well the chemicals have been balanced. Hire a experienced pool service, as they will know to proper way to balance the chemicals, doing this incorrectly can damage your plaster finish instantly.

Interested in having your pool repaired or need service or supplies to your existing pool?

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