Automation System for your Pool and Spa

Remotely control any pool and spa combination. With this addition, you can now switch both your water valves and heater thermostat settings between your pool and spa with a click on your wireless control. These are by far the most affordable and versatile control systems offered today.

MultiWave Wireless Control System

Controls Pools / Spas and now your Home!

Combine the MultiWave Controller with the MultiWave Handheld Transceiver and prepare to automate your pool/spa and even your Home with the most technologically advanced wireless control system in the market today!

9 Buttons–Hundreds of Options

The MultiWave System offers truly versatile multi-purpose wireless control. It is capable of controlling standalone pools or spas, landscape lighting and other electrical systems. Armed with five high voltage relays, air and water sensing probes, remote antenna capabilities, wireless programming and an intelligent communication port, the MultiWave is capable of controlling and/or communicating with virtually any manufacturer’s pool or spa equipment including all single speed, two-speed and most variable speed filter pumps available today.