Pool Pump


If you are not using an energy efficient, Variable Speed Pool Pump, then you are throwing away HUNDREDS of dollars in energy (electricity) cost each month.

Contact us for a FREE Energy Consumption of your current pool equipment and find out how you can save hundreds of dollars in your energy bill.

Pool pumps are an essential component for a happy and healthy pool. Consider it the heart of your backyard paradise, pumping your pool to life.

Aloha Pool & Spa is providing southwest Florida residents and commercial operations with the most trusted pumps on the market today. You simply cannot afford to choose a cheap pump that will do more harm than good.

There are three key ingredients to a pool pump that goes the distance: energy efficiency, longevity, and decibels. Finding a pool pump that meets this trifecta criteria will ensure that your pool is in good hands.

In southwest Florida, our pools need a lot of TLC. Rainy summers, high pollen counts, and of course, that sunshine we all love so much can do a number on your pool without the right equipment. Choose a pool pump that will do more than improve the overall health of your pool, but helps it last!

Why Choose Energy Efficient Pool Pumps?

Energy efficient pool pumps may not be high on the list of your priorities but it should be. Pool pumps that waste energy can be a drain on your home’s utility bills. Pool pumps, especially ones with variant speeds, operate on a needed basis. That means when you’re not using it, it won’t be pumping at its highest capacity, saving you energy and, ultimately, money.

How Will a Pool Pump Increase the Lifespan of My Pool?

Pool pumps that have variant speeds can do wonders to your pool’s energy cost as well as increase its lifespan!

How? Variant speeds allow your pool to produce less heat and vibration, minimizing harmful wear and tear that can result in costly damages. Most variant speed pumps also include cooling fans so their temperatures don’t rise to dangerous levels. This maximizes efficiency without costing you on too many maintenance visits.

Where Do I Find a Quieter Pool Pump?

Look no further! Aloha Pool & Spa understands the effect a loud pool pump can have on an otherwise relaxing day. Our pool pumps use a unique design that limits the noise so you can enjoy your day by the pool without hearing an annoying, endless drone.

Now your guests can sleep comfortably without hearing your pool pump running all night long. Choose a quiet pool pump that doesn’t sacrifice quality for the sake of noise.